Message from the Deputy CEO – 16 October 2018

Lindsay Carrol talks young workers

I spotted a sign once that read, “Hire a teenager now, while they still know everything.” When you consider those aged 15 – 24 are the most likely of all groups to face unemployment, and that we’re the most likely of all industries to give them a job, you know how much time and resources […]

MEMBER ONLY ARTICLE – Inspection program looks at safety in takeaway food outlets

WorkSafe Western Australia is undertaking a proactive inspection program to look at safety issues in takeaway food outlets which will involve inspectors visiting fast food outlets in Perth and regional areas of the State throughout the 2016/17 financial year. WorkSafe Director Joe Attard said the inspection program had been prompted by a significant number of […]

MEMBER ONLY ARTICLE – Young Workers at Risk

Young workers have a higher rate of injury in the workplace, according to a factsheet published by the NSW Better Regulation Division. From 2011 to 2014, over 45,000 young workers were injured while at work. This rate may actually be 6 times higher due to young workers underreporting work injuries. This is cause for concern, […]