Free Crime Update Workshop for Brisbane retailers

All members of the NRA SafeCity Network are invited to come along to the next Retail Crime Update meetings. In this one-hour meeting, the NRA will provide an update on current crime trends occurring in the Brisbane area and invite all retailers to share their experiences of the crime affecting their business. This is a unique opportunity to hear […]

People Leadership Program for Retail Leaders

Many organisations are investing in education to ensure their  managers and leaders  have the skills to lead their teams and future workforce effectively. Join us for the first workshop – Effective Communication – on May 9th at NRA Head Office, suitable for store managers or any retailer leading and working with teams.  This workshop  focuses on: Having […]

QLD and WA retailers prepare for plastic bag ban

The countdown is underway for Queensland retailers before they are forced to permanently bin the plastic bag ahead of bans that will take effect on July 1 2018. The National Retail Association (NRA) will be touring local shopping precincts to provide advice for retailers preparing for the impending ban on all single-use, lightweight shopping bags. […]

NRA Legal: Work Health and Safety Workshops

Employers have a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of their staff. This translates to a need to provide a sufficient system for managing health and safety hazards and risks in the workplace. One way of ensuring compliance with your duty of care is to implement work health and safety manuals and […]

Free support for Noosa businesses preparing for plastic bag ban

The NRA will be in Noosa on Monday 30 October touring local shopping centres and providing a free workshop for retailers preparing for the impending plastic bag ban. The NRA has joined forces with Local member for Noosa, Glen Elmes MP, to provide a free Plastic Bag Ban Workshop on Monday 30 October at 5.30pm […]

Managing Change in the Workplace

by Yvonne Williams, NRA Training Team A change means to make something different, be it an environmental change, behavioural change, relationship change or emotional change.  Changes comes in many shapes and sizes and can be triggered by many different internal and external factors. Because change ultimately affects our habitual nature it will evoke emotions that […]

What makes a great team?

Like many animals, people are wired to work in teams. Regardless of personality type or personal preference, our brains thrive when given the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other people. The key to generating successful outcomes is knowing how to help teams reach their full potential.  The NRA Training team has developed Team Building […]

Essential Professional Development Workshops

essential professional development workshops

NRA’s National Retail Training + Development Centre offers a range of high quality, customised programs for retailers, designed to increase productivity, revenue, staff retention, customer service and leadership. All of our programs are specifically designed to suit retailers’ needs, but also draw on over 80 years’ combined experience across multiple fields of our in-house training team. We […]

International Labour Organisation illustrates workplace stress impacts

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has released a detailed report which illustrates the impact of workplace stress on the mental health and the wellbeing of workers. ILO’s Workplace Stress: A collective challenge report found that psychosocial risks are related to “health-related behavioural risk, including heavy alcohol consumption, overweight, less frequent exercise, increased cigarette smoking, and […]