Still not measuring up: sexual harassment survey paints grim picture of Australia workplaces

sexual harassment

By Alex Millman and Victoria Hansen, NRA Legal In June this year, Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins launched a dedicated national inquiry into sexual harassment in the workplace, conducted by the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC). This Inquiry coincides with the AHRC’s Fourth National Survey into Workplace Sexual Harassment, which has been run every five […]

Boost for women in business

boost for women

Minister for Employment and Small Business and Minister for Training and Skills Development The Honourable Shannon Fentiman Tuesday, October 02, 2018 Boost for women in business Australia’s largest food and drink incubator is one of 15 small businesses run by women that will benefit from more than $550,000 in Queensland Government grants. Minister for Employment […]

Making a Break: How likely are you to financially plan for a career break?

Career breaks hit women hardest, reducing average superannuation savings by nearly $160k Media Release: REST Industry Super Women are 30 per cent less likely than men to make any superannuation plans for their career break, despite taking 13 per cent more career breaks by choice After a career break, women returning to work earn 29 […]

NSW State Government to prevent discrimination against pregnant women

By Sid Sidhu and Emma Treherne, NRA Legal You may be surprised to learn that as it stands, the New South Wales anti-discrimination laws do not prohibit employers from discriminating against prospective job seekers who are pregnant during the application process or at the date of the interview. Similarly, where an employer dismisses an employee, […]

FINAL CALL: Women’s Leadership Development Scholarship

Women currently working in the retail sector have a final opportunity to register their interest in a scholarship worth up to $8,000 to support participation in an accredited leadership development program.  Funding must be apportioned by the end of 2017 and it is unsure when these grants will be available again. Find out more and […]

Women World Changers: Sydney & Melbourne

A powerful one-day leadership summit on diversity, talent and economics. Women World Changers (WWC) is the premier, all inclusive, one-day leadership summit designed to drive critical dialogue on the impact and economics of women, diversity and culture on business growth. Attended by Australia’s top business executives, government and community leaders, WWC will cover the most critical leadership […]

The power of the purse

Women make 85% of consumer purchase decisions and research shows women support brands which support gender equality. How can your business access this Female Economy (or ‘Femeconomy’) purchasing power? In Australia alone during 2015-16 women spent $198.9 billion. Femeconomy is a social enterprise, role modelling Female Leadership and Entrepreneurship, and educating female consumers about which […]

Message from the CEO: 13 March 2017

Dominique Lamb CEO National Retail Association

A fortnight on from the penalty rates decision, the accompanying discourse seems to be taking on a life of its own, and devaluing the lengthy and carefully-considered processes behind the decision from the Fair Work Commission. I’ve been particularly saddened to see this independent decision politicised and brandished as a weapon in the gender equality debate […]

Women in Retail and FMCG Leadership Summit 2017

NRA is proud to support the 4th Annual Women in Retail and FMCG Leadership Summit 2017, to be held on the 22nd and 23rd in Melbourne. Join us to hear inspirational stories, tips for overcoming challenges and strategies for becoming a better leader. Influential women in all roles from Retail and FMCG Leadership will share […]

Myer supporting domestic violence victims

Starting over, for survivors of domestic violence, is difficult in more ways than one. Getting back on their feet takes an emotional, physical and financial toll. Myer has launched a new initiative with the help of The Salvation Army, ‘The Give Registry’ to help ease the financial pressures and support women to rebuild their lives […]

Gender equality delivers better business outcomes

Inspiration was served warm and strong at a breakfast seminar for retailers in Brisbane at the end of May.  Two highly respected speakers, Theresa Moltoni, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Queensland, and Dominique Lamb, Director of Legal Services at the National Retail Association, spoke passionately about gender equality in the workplace […]

Blind Hiring – Is your company unconsciously biased when hiring?

Research has identified that organisations are unconsciously discriminating against gender types in the initial stages of hiring employees. In traditional corporate management roles, men are more likely to be hired than women. Whereas in nursing, men are less likely to be considered for the role over women as the role is considered feminine. Although discrimination is […]

Let’s create a more equal world

Last year, ANZ released the 2015 ANZ Women’s Report: Barriers to achieving financial gender equity, highlighting that globally: • Women earn up to 36 per cent less than men;• Women represent more than 40 per cent of the world’s labour force but only control a quarter of the world’s wealth; • Worldwide, women make up […]

A Few Wise Words from Some Witty Women

Who runs the world? As Beyoncé postulates – girls. We have seen strong women rise to the top of their field, be they the arts, business or politics. The benefit of this go beyond equity and social justice – research from La Trobe University found a positive link between female board membership and financial performance. […]

Inside Retail – Deterring Domestic Violence

In Australia, one in four women has experienced violence from an intimate partner, whilst one woman is killed by her male partner every five or six days. The retail industry has one of the largest female workforces in Australia, and is also one of the most gendered industries with almost 60% of employees being female. […]

Scholarship funding available to female leaders in the VET sector

Scholarship funding available to female leaders in the VET sector The National Excellence in Educational Leadership Initiative (NEELI) recently announced that $3,500 scholarships are now available to women in the Vocational Education & Training sector to assist them to participate in the Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) Created to provide tailored development and support to Australia’s […]