Let’s create a more equal world

Last year, ANZ released the 2015 ANZ Women’s Report: Barriers to achieving financial gender equity, highlighting that globally: • Women earn up to 36 per cent less than men;• Women represent more than 40 per cent of the world’s labour force but only control a quarter of the world’s wealth; • Worldwide, women make up […]

A Few Wise Words from Some Witty Women

Who runs the world? As Beyoncé postulates – girls. We have seen strong women rise to the top of their field, be they the arts, business or politics. The benefit of this go beyond equity and social justice – research from La Trobe University found a positive link between female board membership and financial performance. […]

Women and the Australian retail industry

The Australian retail industry continues to be a key employer of women, providing a variety of opportunities in both sales, and non-sales roles, according to a recent report prepared by the National Retail Association (NRA). The report highlights the significant contribution made by women across the industry and gives particular attention to the wide variety of […]