Generating website traffic: are all your eggs in one basket?

generating website traffic

Written by Alyce Mokrzycki, News Xtend With over 4 billion global users, the internet has become a veritable smorgasbord of possibilities for businesses looking to generate website traffic and find the customers of tomorrow, today. Reasons for generating website traffic are varied, and should strategically align with a businesses objectives. From showcasing a new product […]

How to improve your online presence

Digital Marketing online presence

Searching is one of the most popular activities on the internet, and an integral part of the modern consumer journey. With online advertising becoming increasingly competitive, businesses looking to grow are encouraged to leverage the frequent use of search engines in the consumer’s decision making process. Recent figures show that only 18% of small businesses […]

Website owners: Changes to .au domain

Those of you who operate your own websites might be interested to know that a process is underway to make substantial changes to the .au domain. .au Domain Administration (auDA) – the policy and regulatory body for .au domain space – has announced the commencement of public consultations for the introduction of Direct Registration. A […]

Online sales resources for SME’s

Selling online sounds easy enough. Buy a domain, set up a website and watch the sales role in without the overhead of a bricks and mortar shop. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as 3 simple steps. Before setting up shop online you must consider the following:– Products and services offerings– Omni-channel retailing– Selling directing or […]

Fair Work Commission refreshes its digital image

As of Friday 8th July, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) launched a revitalised website with new design and features which have been based on feedback compiled through a website usability survey by stakeholders. The Commission was seeking feedback to improve the design, user experience and the functionality of the website. Feedback received from stakeholders has […]

7 Ways To Boost Your Digital Marketing In Your Lunch Break

NEWSFLASH…Digital marketing is hard work! It takes time to research, it takes time to provision and it takes time to implement new activity and when everyone is busy, more often than not, digital marketing gets shelved. But believe it or not there are quick wins you can implement today! Re-heat your leftovers from last night, […]

If you’re not on Google My Business you don’t exist

One rule of business is that you need to be where your audience is looking for you and these days that’s on their mobile on Google Maps. We are a generation of convenience too, so if your audience can’t find you easily they’ll just go elsewhere. Recently this hit home when I decided for my […]

Stay Safe Online Week 2015

Securing your online business presence helps protect the whole retail sector, which relies on a range of technologies to manage the customer experience. You need to secure point of sale, website, inventory and other systems to protect high value data like financial transactions, credit card data, business data and employee information from being compromised. Websites, […]