Get prepared for Single Touch Payroll

The ATO is urging employers with 20 or more employees to act now and prepare for Single Touch Payroll (STP) – the next step in streamlining payroll reporting. From 1 July 2018, employers will need to report their employees’ tax and super information to the ATO through payroll software that is STP ready. The ATO has useful material […]

What is the future of Loss Prevention?

Our very own CEO, Dominique Lamb, joins a panel of experts in this OnDemand webinar on The Future of Loss Prevention. This is a key topic of interest for all retailers across industries at the moment, partly due to the Global Retail Theft Barometer’s recent stats on how retail shrinkage is on the rise due […]

MarketMap Webinar: How can the 2016 CENSUS data help your business?

Census data

The 2016 CENSUS has been released. It reaches about 95% of all Australians in the only true national scale population survey and it really can help grow your business. That is: It can help you find new customers and target the right products/services to them It can help you understand, engage and satisfy people across […]

Using today’s Census data to improve your business

Census data

With the release of the 2016 Census data expected today, retailers have a significant opportunity to understand the new Australian consumer.  Despite all of the controversy surrounding its collection, the 2016 Census is a treasure trove of valuable information on understanding who our population is today and how has it changed. Reports suggest that despite […]

Webinar: Are your franchise systems working for you?

The franchising sector has been the focus of a number of recent high-profile investigations around payroll and underpayment issues. In response to this, the Federal Government introduced its Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers Bill) into the House of Representatives in March to crack down on future breaches. With these legislative changes coming soon, how […]

Engaging your audience through webinars

Webinars are not a new concept, however implementing them into your marketing plan could still be essential to building brand awareness and providing value for your current customers.Running a webinar offers you a chance to gain insights from your customers and target audience while delivering key messages and engaging content. So how do you start? […]

Social Media Rules & Regulations HR Managers Need to Know

Yesterday, our Partners at Hello Social conducted a webinar exploring the Social Media Rules & Regulations HR Managers Need to Know, covering areas such as: What should be included in your social media guidelines. What you need to know from a legal perspective. Helping employees understand why these rules exist. Don’t worry if you missed […]

The Digital Disconnect: how to match online convenience in the store

Online retailing has been a great addition to the retail landscape but the convenience that it offers is something that physical stores are now needing to mimic. There is no denying that online shopping has really transformed retail and many household shopping habits. The biggest advantage of online shopping is clearly convenience. Shopping when you […]

Improve your retail sales in 20 mins!

Are you truly maximising the shoppers who come into your store? We hate to say it, but probably not. So many retailers today are getting distracted by the process of attracting new customers through marketing and promotion that they are forgetting to invest in the vital process of converting the sale and developing a loyal […]

Empowering the next generation store associate

The role of a store associate in the retail environment has never been more important as it is today. In this digital era, where shoppers have constant and immediate access to all kinds of product information, it is your staff who have the power to add real value when engaging with your customers face to […]

MEMBER ONLY ARTICLE – Exclusive NORA discount for NRA members

As a valued member of the National Retail Association, we would like to offer you $50 off when booking an event with our industry partners the National Online Retailers Association (NORA). Simply enter the promotional code 47492206 to receive your discount. NORA offers webinars, expeditions and more to educate you as a retailer and keep […]

Train and retain your staff to be fitter for business

After our last webinar we called for YOU to decide the next topic. From all the ideas submitted, there was one recurring theme: your staff. When it comes to retail, your store staff are a vital component to delivering new types of value by matching the customer problem with the solution and helping to promote […]

Webinar – 7 must know retail trends

Digital is defining retail. Customers have more access than ever with online stores in the palm of their hand wherever and whenever they want to shop. Digital influences over 40% of bricks and mortar store visits and it has been shown that the use digital devices increase shoppers order sizes by 21% on average. So […]

BDO’s Retail Inventory & Stock Management Webinar

Thank you to the NRA members who attended the recent BDO webinar. Inventory is one of the most important parts of any retail business. It is one of the biggest investments and something that most retailers spend a majority of their time managing. Adequate stock controls are needed to reduce inventory costs and increase stock […]

Get expert advice on promoting your business online at a free Google event

Embracing the web is increasingly important for businesses of all sizes. Digitally engaged businesses are four times more likely to be hiring, and double as likely to be growing revenue than those who don’t. That’s why we wanted to let you know about an upcoming Google livestream event that helps businesses learn new ways of […]

Shoppers are exhausted by digital ubiquity

Shoppers are becoming exhausted by digital ubiquity and are therefore beginning to seek sanctuary in physical retail stores for the human to human experience that bricks and mortar provides. The ‘fittest’ retailers are able to capitalise on this consumer desire, by utilising the power of personalisation within the store experience. From using big data to […]

Gadget or engagement? Integrating technology into your retail offer

Is digital technology in our shops more about the sizzle than the substance? Is investment in digital technology really about the brand statement than the actual facilitation of the higher sales and margin improvement? Retailers up and down our high streets are investing more than ever before in their digital retail offer, but do they […]