Important changes to long service leave in Victoria

By Alex Millman and Lindsay Carroll, NRA Legal Last week, the Victorian Parliament passed the Long Service Act 2018 (the new LSL law), which will replace the current long service leave legislation in Victoria. Whilst much will remain the same, there are some key points of which employers in Victoria will need to be aware. […]

Are you ready for five generations in the workplace?

As part of its commitment to helping businesses prosper, the Australian Chamber is launching a new conference series called NextGen in Business, bringing together top global and local thinkers to share their skills and experiences. For the first time in history five generations will be working together. The NextGen series leverages lessons from global innovators […]

What goes into creating a Retail Concept?

There often seems to be confusion between what is a retail concept and retail design – or sometimes even more confusing when reference is made to a design concept. A retail concept is really about combining a whole range of ideas and aspects, with design being one of these. Some aspects would include location, the […]